Hiking Clothing For Beginners

Hiking is one of the most popular extreme sports. If you are just a beginner, you might think that proper clothing is not necessary for this extreme sport. Unfortunately, most beginners fall into this mistake; hence, ruining their enjoyment during their first hiking trip.

You really do not have to wear elaborative or extremely heavy clothing because it would definitely either slows you down during your walk or it won’t be able to protect you from insects or unexpected fall. Hiking clothing is designed to make your hiking experience comfortable. It keeps you protected because it is made from special cloth that would protect you from rain, heat, insects, or even fall.

If you are hiking to virgin mountains, it is advisable to wear long hiking pants. Long pants would protect your legs from insect bites. If your trail would be a long walk, it is also better to wear thick hiking socks for additional cushion. You might as well get nice comfortable hiking shoes. You would not want to spoil your hiking experience because you are limping from pain because of your uncomfortable and inappropriate shoes. Appropriate hiking clothing would make a very big difference in having a good hiking experience.

Hiking clothing is designed to keep the cold out and to maintain the heat in the clothing keeping you warm. Hence, even without those heavy jackets, you would not get cold because it comes with a self-systemic purpose of balancing the heat being released from your body even in changing temperature or weather condition.

It keeps you dry and comfortable even if you are sweating or in extreme heat and yet keeps you warm in extremely cold weather. Hiking clothing comes with a moisture management purpose where it actually keeps your skin cool when it is sweating. It is almost like a second skin which would not trigger any rashes or allergies during extreme heat especially when you are sweating.

Hiking clothing is made from natural fibers that serve as an insulator for colder conditions. The outer covering of the clothing serves as a windbreaker and water resistant which protects you and its inside layer from getting wet when raining or not letting the wind pass in the inside layer making you cold when you are already in an elevated or high land where wind is too much.

If you are planning to go on hiking, you might as well plan it properly and invest on buying the correct gear in having a good hiking experience.


Hiking Tips Part II


The weather is one of the most important factors to the success of your hiking adventure. Check it often including right before you go whenever possible. The weather can change very rapidly, especially at higher elevations. On longer hikes, especially in the summer months, it’s a good idea to assume the worst of the weather and bring some rain gear.

Some hikes, such as high elevation climbs, are safer and more pleasant in the spring or summer. Likewise, hiking in deserts or tropics is usually more enjoyable in the colder months.


Temperatures can vary greatly during the day, especially at higher altitudes. Bring an extra layer for warmth but start out comfortably cool because you will be getting warmer as you go. If there is a possibility for colder weather brings a coat. Rain can hit almost any time so we recommend having a rain poncho on every long hike. They are light and take up almost no space when storing them. It’s important to have shoes that fit well to prevent blisters and twisted ankles. Make sure your shoes have plenty of traction for the terrain and are waterproof if needed. If your shoes aren’t waterproof you might think about buying some gaiters. A hat and a waterproof sun block with an SPF of at least 30 is a good idea if you’re going to be in the Sun for much of the day. A sturdy backpack or camelback are indispensable for carrying extra clothes and supplies. Overheating leads many possible problems such as dehydration and heat stroke.

Trail Ethics

Since hiking has become so popular with more people on the trails every year, it’s important to be courteous to your fellow hikers and leave things as you find them. This includes properly disposing of your trash, staying on the designated trails, leaving plants and minerals as you found them, and picking up after your dog(s) if you have any. Do your part to share the trail. If you meet some people on the trail, it’s polite to move over and let them pass, especially if you are a more capable hiker. Since trails often have uneven footing please pay particular attention and slow down when passing by fellow hikers.


Hiking Tips Part I


Hiking is very fun and rewarding. The fresh air, beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife are just a part of what has made hiking so very popular. The low cost and health benefits attract people of all ages. Walking has long been shown to be one of the most low impact and beneficial exercises you can do. It’s important to be well prepared, however, especially for longer hikes. Getting back to where you started from and having a good time should be your main objectives. This means having the right gear and good information about the route you’re hiking. We hope you find the following information useful.

Trail Details

Get a good idea of where you will be going including the type of terrain and the distance of the trip. Find out the difficulty of the terrain so you know whether or not it’s a trail you’d like to try and what sort of gear you’ll need to take with you. Tips such as “stay left of the river” often make the difference between success and failure so do a little research if you can. Asking other hikers you encounter along the way is also a great way to garner information. On longer or more obscure trails try to bring a map of your route to avoid confusion. Sometimes trails can be partly hidden by vegetation or washed out from heavy rains. Also, remember that fresh snow does a great job of hiding trails. If the trail is hidden a GPS is very helpful or you can also look for cairns. A cairn is a pile of stones stacked by previous hikers to show the proper route.

Food & Water

Start off by being well satiated (not stuffed) and very well hydrated. This will allow you to carry less and have a good level of fuel in your body before you ever begin. Bring about 200 calories of food and 12-24 ounces of water for every hour you will be hiking. This can vary quite a bit dependent upon the difficulty of the trail, as well as the weather. Try to bring a little more than you need in case you are unexpectedly delayed. If it’s going to be a hot day and you have a steep climb planned, bring plenty of extra water. If you are working your body hard and perspiring heavily, you should take a drink at least once every ten minutes. Don’t over do it and listen to the needs of your body. Taking smaller drinks can help keep you from feeling bloated or getting stomach cramps. Children usually need to be reminded to take drinks because they will not think about it until they are dehydrated.

Book Review: The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama

When Senator Barack Obama wrote this book he was calling for a new type of politics in the United States of America. He is an advocate for politics that builds on shared beliefs that bring Americans together. He sees America in a certain way in relation to the rest of the world. In this book he talks candidly when he talks about his personal life and family. He also takes time to talk about his experiences during the time he spent as a Senator. Throughout this book Obama does his very best to clearly set out his political views, at the same time inspire us to be optimistic and look forward to a better future.

This is actually Barack Obama’s second book, the first one was titled Dreams from My Father. That book was more of a memoir that focused on many of the personal issues he had to deal with in his life. This included issues regarding his race, his identity, as well as his community. In the new book, I enjoyed how he revisits the issues  we first heard him talk about at the 2004 Democratic National Convention when he was delivering his keynote speech.

Another thing that impressed me was how he was not afraid to bring forward his personal views as far as faith is concerned. Barack clearly writes about his vision for a future where the broken political process can be fixed and also one where the government is more in touch with the people it serves. He does a very good job at educating us on American politics as well as its history. I could feel his impeccable character and integrity as it came through his words and how he writes.

It is nice to know that he is very compassionate and that he believes in a fair world. I agree with him when he says that as a nation, we are stronger when we work together and look out for each other. He took the time to discuss very serious topics which include economics, discrimination, class warfare and many other social issues. I personally now understand the political process of our country better than I ever have before I read this book.

If you have not had a chance to read Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, his first book you may want to read that first. It will help you enjoy the second one even more. It is no secret that this book really impressed me. Not only is it very well written, it is well structured too with chapters dedicated to different aspects of his life. You can really feel how intelligent and educated this man is as you read through the book. It does not matter if you do not support Barack Obama, he respects both political sides and is not ashamed to admit that both sides have their problems.

Things to Do in Italy

Italian People Culture and Events in Le Marche Region
Among the things to do in Italy during your Marche travel are the Italian people culture events. The food festivals, events and historical enactments go on throughout the year in every village and town.
Because of the very fragmented and diverse territory and history of all Italy and of Le Marche in particular, every single town and village proudly displays its own specialty or celebration that characterize the local history and culture. Many of these events are held in summer, but every season is characterized by different produce with subsequent celebrations and no occasion is overlooked to dress up in medieval or renaissance costumes.
Casa Bella Befana – Urbania
The Befana is a good witch that brings sweets to the good children and coal to the bad ones on the 6th of January. As Santa Claus lives in the North Pole, Befana lives in Urbania. This lovely town celebrates the Befana tradition from the 2nd to the 6th of January.
Carnival – Offida
Offida offers carnival celebrations that recall ancient pagan rites, the killing of a fake ox (lu bov fint) and a final huge bonfire of cane bunches (vlurd).
Carnival – Ascoli
The whole city gets involved in this celebration, one of the fun things to do in Italy. The historical town and the beautiful main square become the stage for singles and groups in fancy dresses. The Mardi Gras is dedicated to a parade and group competition for the most creative disguises.
Carnival – Fano
Fano can boast the oldest Carnival in Italy, documents trace it back in 1347. The parade is very elaborate and involves a year of preparation.
Things to do in Italy: Palio Della Rana – Fermignano (Urbino)
These historical games are the reenactment of the festival held in 1607, the first Sunday after Easter, to celebrate the independence from the neighboring city of Urbino.
Most bizarre is the frogs competition where frogs on wheelbarrow compete in a race: believe it or not this is a historical game that after centuries of oblivion was revived in 1966. The race became so popular that it gave the name to the festival.
Festival of Street Artists – Pennabilli (Urbino)
At the beginning of the month buskers, jugglers, mimes and magicians come from all over the world to meet in the medieval town of Pennabilli.
For three days the streets and the Teatro Vittoria are taken over by buskers and artists that will entertain the public until late at night.

Can I Use My Bachelor In Health Science To Become An Ultrasound Technician?

If you have the question in your mind, can I use my bachelor in health science to become an ultrasound tech, maybe this will help you? The answer to this question is yes and no. You can use this bachelor’s degree to help you become an ultrasound tech but you must also take classes in the ultrasound tech field.

There are some things that you need to know about ultrasound technology if you are thinking about going to school so you can start working in this field. The first thing you should know is what medical sonography is and how you use it. Medical sonography uses sound waves to produce images of a body’s structure. These images can then be used for diagnosis or treatment of different conditions. Someone who is an ultrasound tech will usually work in a hospital or medical office setting. One of the most common things that they will use it for is taking images and measurements of a fetus. They also will use them to locate the cause of pain someone might have or to allow a physician to observe the body’s internal organs which may be the heart, liver, thyroid, eyes, etc. Another thing is that it could be used to help a physician locate the cells and tissues they need to take for biopsies.

Ultrasound techs must complete an accredited training program. The program that you choose can take from one to four years to finish. Those who complete more schooling than others will usually make more money than those who don’t. A good place to look for training programs to help you prepare for work is www.bls.gov. It would be good to remember also that you will have to maintain your skills and continue your education to keep your certificate current. Some ultrasound tech schools require students who are looking into going to their school to have a background in health science or health care before they can enroll in their classes. Some of the courses you will take are anatomy, physiology, and medical ethics. Many of the colleges have a waiting list to get into their programs so if you can’t get in right away you can take online classes if you’d like.

So if you are interested in becoming an ultrasound tech and you have a bachelor’s in health science, you can do this by taking some additional ultrasound tech classes.